About Shama Viola

Shama Viola is an Italian-born author, artist, teacher, and spiritual seeker whose life-mission is to assist the evolution of humanity’s consciousness and the healing of Planet Earth. Shama is a teacher of divination techniques, with a focus on reading cards and is also the creator of a new divination deck, Bral Talej.
She has been living in the Damanhur Federation of Communities since 2001and has been traveling the world since 2004 teaching a wide variety of Damanhurian and Personal Growth courses.


Shama grew up in Ravenna, Italy. She lost her mother at a very early age and was raised in a Catholic orphanage. She began questioning her birth religion early on and, as a young adult, embarked on a daring adventure, leaving her native land for the US on a hunch that there she could find her spiritual freedom.

For a number of years Shama lived as a “flower child” in the San Francisco Bay Area, experiencing a lifestyle that suited her need for exploring alternative modalities of being. Over the course of many years, while raising her child, Mia, not only did she work for a variety of interesting people (including Francis Ford Coppola and Shakti Gawain), she also met wonderful spiritual teachers, and experienced many approaches to personal growth. She also became a collage artist and a Voice Dialogue facilitator, a method that she loved so much that she decided to bring it back to Italy in 1991.

Driven by the desire to spread this powerful modality throughout her native land, Shama began traveling and teaching in many cities, to the many seekers who responded to her call. She shared this wisdom for 5 years before leaving everything in the capable hands of her staff and returning to the US, to the lovely Kauai retreat center of her dear friend Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization, to work alongside her, leading retreats once more.

Then synchronicity brought her back to Italy in 2001, for what was meant to be a two-day visit to Damanhur and became, instead, a calling that drew her away from the Hawaiian Islands to settle in Damanhur within weeks. She has been a citizen of the Damanhur Federation of Communities since then. In 2003, after having learned the Sacred Language she felt inspired to create the Bral Talej, a divination Oracle deck, based on those ancestral symbols.

Since it’s creation Shama has used Bral Talej to give readings as well as teaching classes on its use, alongside the many other courses that she offers as she travels the world bringing Damanhur’s message and her extensive knowledge of personal growth and self-realisation. At present, she has expanded her teaching methods, doing many classes and readings online.
Gifted with profound intuition and a warm-hearted approach Shama is able to draw from the cards the deep wisdom that a person’s own unconscious is attempting to communicate through them, and share it with clarity and love. She has no greater satisfaction than teaching others to use the cards for themselves as a means of tapping into their own inner truths.