Bral Talej Reading Cloth

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Where should you lay out your cards for readings?

You are building a relationship with your cards, treating them with love and respect, and part of that is being mindful of where you lay them. 

We recommend a sturdy piece of material that will lay smooth and flat, it should be soft enough to easily wrap your deck in for transport, and to protect your cards from rough or dirty surfaces. It should have a somewhat 'grabby' surface to keep cards from sliding and it should be solid, without any distracting patterns of any kind.

And it should be bright orange! Orange activates intuition and intellect, awakens the mind and keeps it bright and alert, sharp and focussed - centered on the cards displayed before it. A good, bright orange will stimulate the intuitive and intellectual areas of your mind and help you concentrate on the moment, the task at hand and the message inherent in the cards. 

Our cloth pieces measure 22in x 30in