"True Path" Sacred Symbol Mandala Accessory Pouch

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The True Path mandala is not only beautiful, it has a deeper meaning - in fact, in the Sacred Language these symbols translate to "Ask Higher Level Forces to See To Know And Find Your True Path - Then Dare To Choose that Direction"

Let these words circle and surround you, remind you and sooth you.
Put your special things in your special pouch - like your Bral Talej deck! The Black zippered pouch has a black lining, perfect for storing and carrying your deck and the smaller pouch fits the deck wrapped in a light cloth, while the larger size can hold your deck in its box with your booklet, a heavier cloth to wrap everything in and use beneath your spreads.
Note the sizes compared to the Bral Talej deck and box in the photos!

Length, in
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.: 100% Polyester
.: Multiple sizes
.: Flat corners
.: Non-woven white or black laminate inside