Sacred Language Mandala Window Clings

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These high-quality, long-lasting transparent window clings can be placed on windows, mirrors, or any smooth surface you would like to radiate with the positive messages contained in the symbols of the Sacred Language which have been lovingly knitted together to create these mandalas. 

Each mandala vibrates with their own, unique message, prayer, mantra, invocation - which has been translated into an English phrase which you will receive on a small card with your sticker, allowing you to 'read' your mandala for yourself.

The 7-inch diameter mandala is white on the adhesive side (appearing black when backlit and like a beautiful white snowflake at night) and black on the out-facing side. Place it on either side of your window depending on which you prefer facing you.

This decal material and low-tack adhesive is perfect for short-term use as it can be repositioned multiple times without leaving any sticky residue behind.